Twitter speech

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Before there was “elevator speech” . Now Twitter speech (or CV) offers a quick summation of one’s career mission.

Best and worst of  wise cracks and fortune-cookie wisdom.

Modern-day equivalent of digital tombstones. Tombstones leave behind relationship-defining legacies  i.e. mother, teacher, sister etc…

In The Last Lecture, the author expounded on the importance of relationships.

Imagine yourself looking up to the fluorescent lights in the ICU, tubes in nose, trying to utter your last 140 characters.

What would you say, “I am sorry for all the lost times”, “I am proud of you”, or “I wish I were given more time to see you grow”.

I have said enough on these blogs. It lasts me a life time.

So my Twitter speech would be: “Dare to live, dare to love, dare to win, dare to fail, dare to face yourself in the mirror”.

What’ s your Twitter…

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