Love on aisle 13

3fives (555)

Inside Wal-Mart, you can find towels, pillows and assorted bath items neatly displayed, aisle by aisle.

Almost all the essential and desirable are available in store and online, but you can not find love on aisle 13. You wish.

Love and happiness are quite alluding. The more one hunts for them, the further they seem to evade.

So we substitute the tangible for the intangible, towels in the tub for tales of the heart.

When asked,  nearly everyone says he/she was looking for happiness and/or love.

Most would say for sure it’s happiness (love means different  to different people) or the pursuit of it.

Yet we see evidence to the contrary i.e. hate speech, threat of Quran burning, and pastor who plays surveillance against his local strip joint patronage (who finally got enough, and gave him a dose of his own medicine). Welcome to America, land…

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