My friend kept listening to Roger Waters‘ It’s a Miracle, whose lyric includes “they’ve got MacDonald in Tibet“.

Now, they’ve got MacDonald in Vietnam. More miracle!

Thomas Friedman put a spin on an old geo-political theory, which states that any two countries, with a MacDonald,

are least likely to engage in an arm conflict. In this latest case, it already happened. Next week, the two heads of States will meet up in Washington (fries or egg rolls?)

It’s been a long long road, from running girl (napalm) to running man (Arsenal).

In between, we got a bunch of walls (from Memorial Wall to moving wall) and a bunch of bridges.

From feeling betrayed to being bridged.

Ray Kroc would have been proud: shake shake shake, shake your conveyor milkshake.

Tourists would find a cocoon: coffee at Starbucks and a miracle at MacDonald (want fries with it?).

Modernization and urbanization are here to stay.

The last pitch is ” for here or to go”?

Industrial world wins out, to the last drop of ketchup (Heinz) in the bag.

Squeeze it!

Fast food, slow burn.

I am proud then I am sad.

It’s a miracle, yet it doesn’t feel exhilarating.

After all, it’s 2013. Countries are exploring space travel in Mars.

Colonization itself has found new frontier in outer space.

And we can barely find a clean bathroom here on Earth.

With machine-like efficiency, people raise expectations: like, yesterday.

Consistency, predictability and value. In short, brand value.

Hooters itself is having a make-over. With every new “convert”, its chain finds its renewed commitment to core values.

The frontier might not look that promising, but it’s important to its founders and its faith: that its multiplier effect will pay off. And with its new location, new customer life-time value, the brand is strengthened and not threatened.

Growth is not only the result of health. It’s necessary. It’s miracle, yet it’s natural. Anyone can shake the milk, cook the beef and fry the potato. But not all can maintain a clean bathroom, and the consistency of billions hamburgers served.

The Golden Arch will be here (yellow on red is just a co-incidence). It’s another miracle in a series of modern-day event. I fear for the ice cream stores nearby. Can’t beat the value of vanilla on cone, for just under a buck. Fully A/C.

I forwarded the announcement to my friend, hoping the next time he put on “It’s a miracle”, he would think of me,

his repat friend, in search of clean restroom and true miracle in modern age.


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