If this were my last day

3fives (555)

I would hold the door for the person behind me as always.

I would call people whom I have avoided and face those dark alleys once petrified.

I would lay down my guards, strip off my veneers, and empathize with others.

I would clean up my desk, make my bed and re-arrange my shoes. One movie touched on this subject, whereby our cancer-contracted heroine went out and charged for her Manhattan flat, ordered in electric guitar and decided to live a life she had always wanted. Another movie, called “A Single Man“. Once his partner was dead, the main character tried his hand at suicide. But he was anal when it comes to being spotless.  This helped thwarting his plan: he tried to put the gun in his mouth, imagine  blood splat on the wall and bed sheet.

He even tried to slip inside a sleeping bag…

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