3fives (555)

We are each given a remote control.

But not all of us know where the PAUSE button is.

We press PLAY or oftentimes FAST FORWARD.

Then we are looped in by stimuli  from all directions (Preview, Blu Ray slide show etc..).

Attention grabbers and assaults to our senses.

We have slowly been anesthetized. Our sensory perception goes numb.

Terminator 2, Transformer 3 etc…

If you count the shell cases spent on one of these action movies, you will find they quite exceeded the bullets

of all Western movies combined. Western genre now comes across as pathetically slow-motion.

Drone time.

Doom time.

Heat-seeking weaponry. High tech warfare. You can run but you can’t hide (as long as you still generate body heat).

I was across the street from Three-Mile-Island back in 1979. News media crews ate late dinners at the only restaurant still opened in town.

We were facing what…

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