Soft and sizzled

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Mind you, this is not a new Panda Express dish.

Just China exercises its soft power, by sending S&R responders to Haiti (Western Hemisphere, many time zones away from the Great Kingdom).

Why China?

China has explored Space, Chips, and automobiles (not to mention its recent Bullet train, which should keep the Japanese on their toes).  It hosted the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai Index has outperformed the London Exchange.

While haggling with Google, it needs to act like a Super Power that it will become by sending relief S&R team. After all, it got its own quake last year. Those who have suffered can empathize.

Unlike opportunists who would spit out ill-thought-out remarks (like Quick text messages already stored on cell phones) when the first opportunity presents itself (Pat Robertson).

We happened to live near earthquake zone (San Fernando Valley). Did this mean…

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