creative disruption

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Innovator’s Dilemma is when incumbents grow complacent and are challenged by emerging forces that disrupt and destroy them.

Gary Hamel in The Future of Management urges constant reinvention of management principles e.g. decision-making be pushed to the outer edges.  The point is, leaders are listeners, not lecturers.

That’s hard! For centuries, we are conditioned to sit passively, and take in whatever thrown at us from the pulpit.

Now, it is as our turn to be leaders, and we are told to ask “who else got anything to share”.

Organizations that don’t listen (or create a feedback loop) do so at their own peril.

A decade ago, if you worked at Microsoft, or Yahoo, you were set.

Now, Bill Gates is contemplating a Jobs-like return. Hard times.

In marketing class, I was told to observe high-school age groups, our future consumers.

Through them,  we found Micro Trends: knitting, the…

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