Aimy Telephony

3fives (555)

Aimy’s birthday is this Friday.

She was born in Burbank, while I was still trying to close a telephony deal (Centrex or “cloud telephony”).

Phones get smaller (from brick phone to pocket phone) while Aimy grows bigger.

She went with me to many direct sales events, Daddy and daughter singing “We Are the Champions” to psych up for  sales training and rah-rah session.

Now she is nearing adulthood while telephony is nearing zero (pricing).

It seems as if the 60’s movement for social change could only do so much in one generation.

Technology picks up the slacks and pushes the envelope (Moore’s law and eco awareness).

Things have gone from a moral approach to a viral approach , from “the Death of God” to “the Death of Distance”. Amazon, and EMC are offering data warehousing and data mining service (clean tech not smokestack, time-saving…

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