Nano in the wind

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Kansas didn’t expect its slow number to be a hit, but there it was: Dust in the Wind.

I am privy to have met three gentlemen, all Vietnamese nano technology scientists.

Through them, I learn about our next frontier, not out there, but right here e.g. coconut shells from which carbon nano tubes can be extracted with the right equipment and technique.

It will be a while before these findings found themselves into your Wal-mart stores.

But for now, nano tech has defense, health care, pharmaceutical and solar applications.

I am sure the ethicist and novelist have debated the implications of nano toxicity and runaway technology (Prey).

We need those debates just as we had when the atomic bomb was first invented.

As a nation, I don’t think we have responded well to Secretary of Energy Chu’s call to action (that if all our roofs get a new…

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