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The Nobel Prize winners this year are being honored for their work on fiber optic (which made possible  data transmission across the globe) and digital photography (pixel-driven process).

Put the two inventions together with the rise of crowdsourcing, we got the phenomenon of  iPhoto, Flicker etc..

I am sure Facebook and are direct beneficiaries of photo sharing across the continents.

Faxing disrupts snail mail. Email disrupts FedEx. And finally, Adobe complements and completes electronic communications with photo/file attachment….that is, until something else (Snapper?) emerges.

I packed away my fax machine last year, and haven’t missed it a bit.

Who needs those grainy black and white copies when one can transmit via the Internet color photos?

Among the ten magazines that got shut down this month were Nick and Nick Jr magazines.

I am sure kids can go directly to Nick’s web sites, search and siege, then share…

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