Improve your like-ability

It’s common sense that when we are liked, we have more influence and opportunities.

Jackson Brown says “Opportunity likes to dance with those already are on the dance floor”.

Sometimes, to improve your like-ability, all you have to do is to show up.

Frequent exposure increases your chances (conversely “scarcity” increases your values).

Something about being with a person over a long time. They have become predictable and familiar.

Their range of expressions and personalities, likes and dislikes, strength and weakness.

Paradoxically, it’s the weakness part that brings people closer. Yet we have been taught to work from our strength and cover up our weakness.

We have not learned to sort out which part of our weakness is changeable and which is not (Franciscan prayer).

It’s the grey middle that tends to creep up at the least expected time.

The wisdom of team teaches us that our weakness and strength can compliment each other.

And that we fight on as one. As a team of 300.

Long time ago, people thought the Homogenous Unit Principle was it. One pure race, or group that all look alike, chances for success are highest.

Of course, we like people who look like us.

And we love the results and productivity.

Yet, World War II lessons have been well learned.

That takes to present day. We will work and play with people who are different from us.

That leaves the improvement of like-ability squarely on our shoulders.

Frequent exposure, good appearance, punctuality, honesty, truthfulness (coming clean) and a little weakness in the mix should do the job.

Above all, like yourself first. Then make it contagious.



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