Old music New machine

Lighter weight, more affordable, but not necessarily more moving.

Those new I-pods.

Or I phones.

Even on those new devices, you still download your favorite oldies any way.

Just make sure your kids don’t see the play list.

Or view your 80’s music video, with singers whose jean jacket sleeves were cut-off , while hair spray and smoke spray were in the air.

We have new vehicles and venues to express our emotions these days.

Grief and gripe, fear and pain.

Some people just simply lose sleep, or booze up to sleep all day.

More Snapchat, but we are more inclined to tune out from our immediate surrounding.

Perhaps this shopping season, we will get out and buy a new music machine.

Perhaps not.

Happy are those whose machines are taken away, but the music remains in their head.

What a Wonderful World!

Yesterday Once More (but it’s just the radio).

They are rewriting the Financial Rules (Glass-Steagall was written then taken away, to cause another round of renaming and rewriting).

What’s going on has been around, under a new name.

Old wine in new skin. Or old music in new machine.

Just a time to be born, a time to live.

When your music has become Muzak, it’s time to go. But make some noise on the way out, w/speakers in full-blown.

Deep down you must admit, there were some gut-calls expressed in writing and via music in the 60’s.  Now, it’s all “wake me up when September ends”. It’s November, and many are still asleep. God knows until when.


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