The New Low

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Canadian University system has just introduced a new low grade (lower than F) for Academic Dishonesty (plagiarism or online essay service etc…).

At least, the University is catching on with high-tech trickery, and how these portable devices and outsourcing services can aid cheaters. TA’s will have to play cops, always vigilant and alert.

I suggest they install hidden cameras, thus fighting fire with fire, gadget with gadget.

And while at it, install some extra metal detectors in school. One cannot learn if one doesn’t feel safe.

(As of this edit, there was another school shooting whose perpetrator had been disciplined by school librarian).

Once the kids are going this route (short cut), they are slated to be future “madoffs”.

I sent a friend a link about “naughty in school, trouble in life” a social study in Britain.

And it is documented that people with penchant to get in trouble…

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