Lost decade?!?

3fives (555)

Below is what I wrote back in June 2009. 3.5 years have gone by rather quickly since the depth of the Recession. _____

One thing for sure. By the time we look back at the 2000-2010 period, we will already be well into our 4-G smart phones,

Web 3.0 or 4.0 using Android-like in the “cloud” and women will already be living and working out of the White House.

I will try to salvage whatever left on my social security, and still pick up my gym bag every morning just as I do now.

Or let’s play another scenario, the best scenario. The US will dynamically soar like an eagle, via innovation, high-value manufacturing and will be a leader of design and trend setting (by allowing legal immigration of high-sought talents).

I cannot go on, because this prospect excites me too much! Like my friend who tries to…

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