It’s the New Year. Let’s start with new ideas.

I have noticed after living here (Saigon) for a while that there hardly is any basketball court.

A city full of young people, but no basketball. I don’t play the game myself. I just jog. But for those who look for a place to make a difference in the lives of young people, why not asking around to find some way to start this sport.

It’s ironic that in a country whose young people help produce Nike Shoes yet there is an eerie absence of basketball courts.

Fitness, coordination and collaboration of this team sport are just a few skill-set that last a life time.

I am sure the expats and tourists could join in to break a sweat during their in-country stay as well.

My second idea is to have a platform on which  people can practice and promote their story telling and screen play.

Like WordPress, but with template and tutorial: characterization, plot, conflict and resolution.

A few years ago, Boyz in the Hood made a splash due to its screen play. We learned about inner-city plight of young people trapped in harsh circumstances (South Central).

William Goldman talked about Hollywood in turmoil back in the 80’s. Now it’s still the same. No sure-fire formula for success.

By crowd-source story ideas and screen play, we make our world richer with creativity and hard-to-get-to corners where shadows are darker and perhaps light is brighter.

We cut of unemployment insurance to 1 million people. I am sure one in a million has a story to tell, if not all.

Why not have a story board for them to post their pleas and plight, instead of just post in compliance to “act” as if they have looked for a job.

We live in a world of pretense. Why not take it to the next productive level: sell your story (suffering or triumph).

Use it. Pain and all.

Life is tough. Now let’s get going, dribble a ball or scribble a story, transforming the negative into positive.

The world and what it has to offer, actually depends on what and how far you go about searching for it. You have the right to a phone call or the pursuit of happiness.  2014 multiple choices. The art of jump-start an idea.

It only takes a spark to get a fire going.


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