Most amusing!

They said blogs that are amusing go viral quicker.

It’s true. Late night talk show hosts have known this for years. They employ an army of writers whose sole job is to come up with quirky and ironic punch lines (with help of a  laughing track).

Jay Leno, Johnny Carson and Bob Hope all know this. When people laugh, you have actually touched their nerves. We haven’t laughed enough as a society. Not nearly enough to reduce random shooting. Instead of ” a guy walks into a bar….”, we have seen “a guy walks into a school and starts shooting”.

It takes intelligent and informed talent to become a stand-up comedian, and extremely gifted to be in the league of Billy Crystal, Robin Williams and Eddy Murphy.

People may jeer more than cheer, even throw bottles at you.

No laughing matter there.

During the war, to cheer up the troop, the US Army flew Bob Hope in, perhaps on the same chopper with go-go girls like Raquel Welch (white leather boots) for Christmas.

What a treat!

Those “boys” may have had their last laughs, literally.

Out in the middle of no where, fighting a war that not everyone could agree on.

A healthy wholesome laugh definitely helps

“He ain’t heavy, he is my brother”.

We have gone on for years, wearing blinders, in the hope that the outside world will fix itself, from climate change to economic recovery. As if we had no part in it.

I admire the current First Lady who has just turned 50. She focused on what matters most: children school lunch. If you sat down and had lunch with your child and friends, as I had a privilege to do so a while ago, you will find the conversation come quite natural, and the topic quite innocent. It’s their time to learn socialization, to develop friendship and to discover life as viewed by friends of same age.

I can’t remember when and where we made that turn, from being innocent and trusting, to being cynical and dysfunctional.

Don’t take life too seriously, since no one can get out alive anyway.

Live a little, laugh a lot.

A guy walks into a bar….. he finds the place empty. What’s going on? Oh, Daylight savings!  Find it amusing? Share this blog with a friend. That’s what life is about: taking the journey together, like the beat generation. Share the ride (Lexus commercial capitalized on the 60’s WV van theme and mix in some Zen to come up with “Enjoy the ride” theme, with aging Asian actor that looks like the Karate Kid instructor). Anyway, enjoy it while it lasts.

I am at the last chapter of “Call me Ted”. He recounted a story when Jane Fonda stopped him to show a sun-lighted flower in their Flying D ranch. Leisure-pace vs high-adrenaline power play (of burst etc…). Eventually, even his third marriage did not last, but it was a highlight of this one-of-a-kind billionaire.

Look not in the rear-view mirror, for “objects might appear closer than they are.”

The past might loom large, but it matters less now. It’s what ‘s ahead of us, full of ironic and amusing twists, that is worth our attention. Be at the edge of our seat, for every crime and kindness we pre-build our future.


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