Please play ball

The Superbowl committee have been on edge about whether to go ahead with plan B.

At least it helps occupied the nation’s attention. Unlike two recent disturbing incidents: one was a random suicide murder in Columbia, MD mall, and an arrest of a Penn State student (Altoona campus) for possession of marijuana and weapon of mass destruction charges.

Quote from his roommate, “he was just bored”. Yeah, right! The Shinning “I am so bored, I am so bored, I am so bored” being cooped up inside, cabin fever etc….

So are millions if not billions of Super Bowl fans. People are working night and day trying to clear the snow off the NJ stadium, while two people, wired differently, trying to “take someone out”.

Every year, around this time,  the Chinese/Vietnamese New Year, then we got the Super Bowl, and the State of the Union address. Commerce, culture, sports and politics, all jockey for our TOMA (Top of Mind Attention).

GDP growth (or decline) reports are in at this time as well. China 7.7 etc…

Pay attention to those numbers. Because the producers-turned-consumers are out shopping, instead of saving. This will change the retail landscape e.g. new love for French wine etc…(why not California?).

I root for the US, its informal and fun culture, at work and at play. But we are losing our winning edge, due to complacency and sorry to say, ignorance of “the rise of the rest” as put by Fareed Zakaria.

We have 3 decades in the lead, since the Mac. Now, IBM keeps selling, first the ThinkPad, to Lenovo, then the server part of the business, to hoard cash for the Watson launch.

In California, the US investors retreat to San Diego, leaving real estate properties to Japanese and Korean in Los Angeles (ARCO towers), and to the Chinese (and Twitter) in SF.

Wake up, play ball, face the headwind and rise again. Peyton Manning is ready. Are you? A chance at greatness. A trumpet call to make things happen. I will never forget how a quarterback (New Orleans’ Saints) can turn around not only a team but a town, right after Katrina. Maybe there is hope this time again, so kids won’t be so bored that they want to blow things up. It’s time to harness our energy, to be instruments of mass construction, not mass destruction. America, take a page from others’ play book. It’s humbling, but will prove prompt and practical, by sheer results. Like Steve Jobs, one might need to take a calligraphy class during down time or drop-out in his case, just to see it used later in the Mac product line.


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