Peace brothers!

With another headline about Russia school shooting, I seriously fantasize about the return of the bell-bottom pants, and flower shirts. The age of heightened consciousness, of holding each other’s hands and not holding others hostage.
Perhaps then, there was a hot war (Vietnam) broadcasted while we had our TV dinners that young students just went “contrarian”. Now, with regional and sectarian conflicts and no large scale draft mobilization, kids can’t find proper outlets for self-expression (go ahead and spray-paint, instead of spraying bullets). Even the inventor of the AK47 expressed some regrets at how much damage it had caused. By now, we have tested anything and everything that has to do with mass destruction (A-bomb to AK47) but not the means for peaceful co-existence.
Take a deep breath and realize that love and fear are two sides of the same coin. It’s a duality we just have to get used to.
John Lennon once said “we live in a society where we have to hide to make love, while mass killing takes place in broad day light”. It happened just today, the day before etc…
Again, it may sound silly, but if bringing back the flower power helps diffuse some youthful yearning and tension, then so be it.
Get down, get down tonight.
V sign is for Peace, not violence.
Musicians and singers can rally back a culture of tolerance and empathy (what happened to “We Are the World”). When you hold the mike, and have your 15-minute of fame, you are less likely to hold the gun to make your mark. At this edit, this Year’s Superbowl ads all return to family-friendly theme, no wardrobe malfunctioning. Good sign!
If we go on living, accepting school shooting as the new norm, then as a society, we need to have our heads examined.
No parent should have to fear for sending kids to school facing bullets instead of bullies. And no kid should have to fear for being held hostage like bank tellers in “Dog Day Afternoon”. In Russia today, those kids grew up really fast. And two adults’ lives (teacher and police man) were taken to satisfy a kid’s thirst for violence and significance. What happens to social media, to play ground, music and arts venues. Aren’t graffiti and tattoo/earrings enough, that they have to take zero-sum game to the ultimate level.
There is something going on, what it is, ain’t exactly clear. Back then, Marvin Gaye did not mean to ask about random gun violence. It was to question the system and its gravitational pull toward military industrial complex canned solution to world’s problems. In the present time, he would have to rephrase his rhetorical question down to a miniscule level, fits for the dorm and door of our schools.


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