Champions everyday!

That’s what happened at Super Bowl and I believe even today, the Seahawks still practice that mindset.
Business leaders need a good dose of that. We are not the world. We are the winners (implied zero-sum game i.e. we win = you lose).
But people need to be clothed, fed, fueled up before they can get to your stores and buy your merchandise.
Business do not exist in a vacuum.
Buyers are people first, then consumers.
Since the recession, the FED started to lean more toward “regulating”  than “setting the interest rate” to nudge and restore market efficiency.
With the newly nominated chairwoman, let’s hope “we are the champions” once again sung at Winter Olympics.
Our best days are yet ahead. Wall Street has had a few good years, while Main Street, bad.
Tax coffer is nearly empty with off-shoring companies and unemployed workforce (who of course has become a burden to the system).
Can’t you feel the love tonight!
Fellow travelers on Space Ship Earth.
When the tornadoes and twisters hit a town, they hit the bank, the church and the farms all the same, indiscriminately.
We look at traditional India caste system, or South African Apartheid as backward.
How will future generations look back at ours? From that vantage point (with network efficiency and market efficiency), of abundance, our handling of this past Recession was the measure of our “advanced” society.
Of course, we appreciate common grace (rain on both the field of the good and the evil). But aside from that,
we leave it to fate, to Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand, trusting the wisdom of crowd.
That wisdom happened to be engineered by a bunch of cigar-thumbing guys down Boca Raton, FLorida  around 2007, who sliced and diced CDO loan packages and resold them on world market.
Many people with clear head saw the phenomenon as “bubble” but conspired. Until friends and neighbors suffered from job loss, displacement and even suicide. Then we looked for guys like Madoff to “crucify” as sacrificial lambs (not that he was innocent or anything). And the crowd cries out for more…. Blood thirst sports. We are the champions of the world. Half of the stadium joins the chant. The other half, silent and stunt. Has always been that way when you subscribe to the zero-sum game, until a larger force (climate change) shows who is in charge.


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