Kobe PHO

My first reaction to the steamy Kobe pho bowl in front of me was, wow! it’s hot. Which means, there is room to add bean sprouts and basil without cooling the broth too much.

kobe pho

After all, by its original French root, “feut” i.e. hot, that it got its name. Now, with add-on beef (kobe style) – American Wagyu, Japanese cows raised in the US, organically (without anti-biotic or hormone), Kobe Pho uniquely fused modern technique with ancient taste. If you ordered a French cafe-sua-da to go with it, then you got a complete Kobe House set.

Kobe House is located in an industrial park adjacent to Little Saigon, Southern California (10872 Forbes Ave, Garden Grove). The couple who started this bakery sold the property to the Kobe House team. So the French coffee and baguette are still on the menu, while Kobe pho and Steak are added to cover your culinary need around the clock.

Customers begin to pick up. Public taste has upgraded with base point: Cup O Noodles. So are expectations about food safety and environmental concerns. When you have the best of beef and the best of beans (coffee), you are on top of the world.

Vietnamese has a saying ” one should try to marry a Japanese wife, live in a French house and eat Chinese food”.

Here at Kobe House, you nail down two out of three, French and Japanese (Kobe way)?

Everything is tested and retested, on FDA code and USDA choice.

Just a matter of time before word-of- mouth gain traction. It’s hard to describe the dinning experience, of having the cake and eat it too: a French bakery style, with high-end low-hormone Vietnamese soup at affordable price.

Only at Kobe House, only in Garden Grove and only in S California, a car hop from Disneyland.


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