no closure

It has now been two weeks since we first became aware of Malaysian flight ML370. Modern aviation, not as it was in the days of Amelia Earhart or Beryl Markham. Puzzling indeed. Somehow we can retrieve Rover back from Mars, but not from Malaysia. We are held captive as media consumers. Like you, I now learn of Indian Ocean, of black boxes…..We desperately want to start the blame game, to nail the culprit etc….

Nations start chipping in putting all their tech resources at the search and recovery efforts. I empathize with the anguish of not knowing.  We start getting to know the names and faces of some passengers and crew. Like us, they went through check points. Like us, they have loved ones waiting in Beijing. And like us, they complied with FAA regulations, not carrying any liquid on board. Drink up before boarding. One hour into flight, when they were about to think of using the bathroom before meal. Death or disappearance?. Take not for granted the life we have, however imperfect.

If I were on that flight, would I care to finish the fiction I was reading? Or wish I had posted my latest selfie? Thanks to technology, we can now reach out and connect , to share and engage in this unfolding drama. Just when we start elevating tech to Diety, it disappoints us. At least for two weeks, we are forced to turn the clock back to the time of Amelia and her missing plane.



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