An inconvenient incident

Flight ML370, 24 odd days into its fateful take-off, is still missing. Round the clock speculating and searching for possible clues. Tech experts and investigators had their hunches. Nations offer their vessels. Loved ones of the missing passengers got shuffled back and forth between Malaysia and Mainland, turning stress into shouts. It’s an international and inconvenient incident in our modern jet age. People travel for work and for pleasure. Some did one after the other (vacationing before getting back to work). No one expects to step into a flying Titanic. Yet it happened before our own eyes. Got our top attention. Bewildered. Empathized. Could have been us. What would we text or tweet. To whom. In that short of a window? WILL OUR WHOLE LIFE FLASH BEFORE US. Regrets? A few. Because we did it our way? Justice? Too late to give or receive it. Love in Pompeii style?. I wonder if acts or words of kindness would make a difference in those last moments. If we have learned to tune out people and focus on the screen, chances are we wouldn’t know where to start ( being kind to strangers in a common bond of humanity). Yet it’s a forced choice at that point. To bid others a gentle goodnight.  Goodnight Malaysia three seven o. Last words from ML370. What would be yours. To whom. Unreserved or edited. Straight from the habits of the heart. Will it be ” I am King of the world”?


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