Online redeeming off-line

Alibaba upcoming IPO has been the talk of the town.  Meanwhile, Amazon is delivering “happiness” even on Sundays, giving the Post Office some extra business.

Korean e-commerce is thriving, saving buyers a ton of money, international shipping accounted. This got Amazon’s attention.

After all, Amazon chief would not give anything to chance, even “drone delivery”.

How about using Google driverless wheels?

Welcome to our 21st century.

Economically and environmentally, we will find a way to thrive and survive leaving our Industrial past way behind ( just as it had before done to our agricultural past).

The new digital divide no longer borders along information rich and information poor societies (the US is not the number one broadband nation. It’s S Korea and Northern European countries).

US land line phones, Detroit auto industry and oil dependence, all represent the old economy (Motorola is pulling out).

The new graduates this year just want to hear commencement speech from “cool” speakers, preferably from Standford over Harvard, online heroes over offline ones.

Companies like Zappos want to do away with job postings, with job titles and with cubicles. It even offers to pay people to leave (if they feel they don’t fit-in).

“Tear down that wall” is their new slogan. Downtown LA, Las Vegas and San Francisco all got renovated with overspilled revenues (telecom hotels, collocation centers, Twitter offices).

China is in, way back in, 20 some years after Tiananmen Square. They are entering “the age of ambition”. The China Dream (of no pollution, and towns that look like a Swiss village or Newport Beach).

Let the game begin. Everyone wants to put an “e” in front of their titles, as in  eSilicon Valley, sleeps in sleeping bags, codes all night and has the “tech” look (see TED talk speakers – or Tim Cook and the new MSN CEO).

IBM salesman Brooks Brothers look is out. In is the Gap, borderline Banana Republic.

Online is negotiating with offline world, negating and complementing (net neutrality debate).

But what it won’t do is passively let the old status quo dictate what digital natives should think, wear, and sound like.

Nobody is going to “shop til you drop” (off-line world adage). Everybody instead “shops and never stops – 24/7”.

Shoppers sans frontieres. Fiber to the curb and food to the table, all delivered using offline services e.g. post office,  which has consistently lost money.

Online convenience in time for baby boomer’s needs. How would you like your Kindle’s font ? Larger? No problem! As long as Amazon can “deliver happiness in a box”.




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