Gravity defied

It’s been defied for 100 years now through modern aviation.

Before that, men lived in cave, in mansion and in quiet desperation.

Chinese naval (abandoned to their regrets)  then British naval might have exerted their influence across the seas, making “the sun never set on the British empire”.
The Wright brothers, by the way, worked out of their own “garage”, out of pure passion and the urge to innovate.

Amelia and Beryl were flying some of those first planes. Women with wings.

It’s hard to imagine a century later, Nigerian girls are still abducted in drove (at least, this time around, drones come to their rescue).

Let’s hope a happy ending to that chapter “out of Africa”.

Japan has invested a lot in R&D (President Obama was greeted by a robot, while Honda has unveiled its latest airplane ).

It refuses to put all the investment eggs into the Chinese basket.

ASEAN countries are now the beneficiaries of this load balancing.

Let’s hope these little tigers rise to the task.

They have no choice. By year-end (2014), China will have overtaken the US to be the number one economy in the world.

With privileges come responsibilities. But as a rule, those who get rich quick, don’t seem to have the modesty or humility that go with good fortune.

In fact, its War college president seemed to have taken a tough stance, counter-punching Defense Sec Chuck Hagel that “if the US wants China to take an antagonistic stance, it will”.

Every century sees a great reshuffling e.g. Ottoman Empire, French and Portuguese, British and American. Empires don’t just come and take things (raw materials).

They will have to build roads and schools, improve health and education to “earn” their privileges.

He who lives in the glass house doesn’t want to throw the first stone.

Copy right infringement and hacking are those unwelcoming stones, conduct unbecoming of a great empire. I know there are gracious and brilliant thinkers out of 1.2  Billion in China.

Let’s hope those folks have some say in the affairs of state, to slow down the runaway train. They tried and failed 25 years ago. Maybe they will succeed this time around. Good for China, good for the world. Naval superiority gave rise to the British empire, aviation to American. It’s ethics, environment and education that mark the upcoming world leader. Whoever it is, will have to earn that top spot

via soft powers, not just by muscling up hardware, like naval or aviation.









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