The new KPI’s

Explore with me the concept of Key Performance Indicators as they apply to us, cogs in the wheel.

It’s the 1st of July, act 2 of 2014.

The curtain gets pulled away after half-time to reveal same actors and screen play.

Neither new faces nor new tunes.

In fact, some even died off if the NYT Obituary pages be of any indicator.

Steve Jobs once said “being the richest guy in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me”.

He lived his life with intense purpose and followed through with his passion i.e. the customer experience.

Steve’s KPI.

On the contrary, many people fell into the consuming trap – forever fashion slave, with closets full of never-used or hardly used items.

Victims of planned obsolescence.

Have they even heard of the hedonic treadmill?

Once you reached $750K threshold, everything seems to go downhill from there.

Yet we ignore those personal KPI’s.

Instead, we barely scrape the surface of what it is that makes up a life well-lived (and examined).

The only KPI’s that really matter: children laughter, a grandma visit and an uninvited tune that keeps looping around in our heads.

“If it makes you happy, why the hell are you so sad?”

Miserable mergers make miserable corporate environment. If fact, it’s toxic, with negativity around the water cooler.

Late indicators show 70% employees put in the bare minimum requirement on the job so as not to get fired.

Where is the motivation? The urge to splurge?

We (employers)  managed to off-shore the pollution, the productivity and even the profit (Chinese consumer base).

The result: we suffer postpartum blues, being disconnected from the finished products and the customer experience.

We assemble ignition switches that annihilated our customers instead of accelerating them toward their dreams , as car commercials often boast. The law suits are now piled up at $1 million per death.

GM recalls


From Harvard cheat sheet to GM death switches, we orchestrate an entirely different KPI universe, just like Wall Street dark pools.

Systemically, we are sidelined, like a Congressional Committee and CEO who decline to comment on a fact that everyone has already known.

Instead of being a cog in someone’s wheel, we end up being a cog in a run-away wheel.

It’s time to overhaul. To measure by the real KPI.

What’s revealed and what’s hidden ( by people who protect their personal KPI by cooking the books).

The new Pope starts to do just that.

And GM and the Pentagon (Iraq) – and the new VA.

It’s time to put those to the test – the New York Times test and our grandchildren test i.e. don’t make any decision that you don’t want to see appear on the next day front page and your grandchildren will read about it years from now. Those KPI’s are the ones that pass muster.





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