Hammer in Hand

Everything looks like nails. Every jetliner looks like combat. Those satellite images similar to the ones that were supposed to locate the missing Malaysian flight a while ago, now used to shoot down a 777 of the same fleet.

I am flying tonight. Not sure how safe it is going to be (a few folks, either had missed flight ML17, or couldn’t get on, felt quite fortunate).

If only we can afford to stay put in one place. Louis L’Amour once said that the problem with human being was that he could not stay in one place.

Wanderers we are.

Looking for opportunities and troubles.

For love and safety, ironically, out there in the wild?

Cold war reasserts itself, civilian casualties are the results.

Just as CNN starts to show Cold War series (as if it were History Channel), that relics of that same Cold War reincarnate albeit with a death toll of 298, 80 children and infants included.

A Vietnamese mother and her 2 children were on that fateful flight as well. No more “Tiger Mom”, “minority models” etc…

Just ashes back to ashes.

You may think that this is out there  and doesn’t apply to you and me.

But it is very real to families of those 298.

They were AIDS researchers and writer, lovers and debtors. They maybe very much like you and me, longing to be reunited to loved ones on the other end of the flight.

This makes flight delays all the more bearable.

In the coming days, we will see a Lockerbie-type of tribunal court. Someone somewhere will be the sacrificial lamb. And we will all put it behind. Trying to forget. Until another group, with hammer in hand.

Boys with toys, trigger-happy. Let automation take over and “seek to destroy”. God damn “intelligent” machine, made and used by dumb men.




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