Leaders wanted!

Saw an ad the other day. Not Leaders Wanted.

Just more assemblers needed, ad put out by I-phone 6 sub-contractors.

A few months ago, the Australian spoke person took some leadership to coordinate the search for the missing flight.

And this week, leadership is again emerged on world stage, to bring about justice and make sense of a senseless, if not, barbarian act, of shooting down a civilian flight.

When no one cares anymore, then it’s the kind of world no one should care to live in.

Precisely because of the weight of crisis that leadership is needed.

If everything is on auto-pilot, why do we even need leaders?

However we chose to view the event of flight ML17, one thing is for sure: innocent blood demands equal justice.

It’s been that way since time beginning.

People went to war (WWI) for much less.

Just watch for two things: bystander apathy and compassion fatigue.

We will assume that leadership is in someone else’s hands, and that even when we care, we experience psychological overload.

Who are we to take on that big an issue? What is it really?

Rogue army? Black-market stockpile of nuclear weaponry?

Cold War reheated?

For citizens, it’s very simple: we need to be fed, clothed and loved. Well, maybe not the last one.

For governments: to protect their people. Elected officials officiate over state funerals such as that of 298 bodies,

should look themselves in the mirror, and ask ” what the hell am I standing here for”?

Day after day, dragging yourselves out of bed and put on those ceremonial suits and ties?

Another round of talks that go no where. Waiting for pension and perks, for peace and prosperity brought about by sheer wishful thinking.

Soft powers still require hard leadership especially in times of complexity and uncertainty. In times like these times. Like NOW. Leaders Wanted!




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