Flash Faces

Why I stay with Facebook? (just trying to be counter-view the other opportunist who wrote “Why I leave Facebook”).

It shows me so many new faces everyday. All those flashy selfies, exotic locales and landscapes which one can only dream of.

And that is just from people who know the people I know (not very many).

We are living in a virtual world, playing virtual games (like a grown-up version of  “Barbie World”).

The unreal has become more relevant than the real.

Social and Mobile now commend a large chunk of ad change.

The Big Shift.

We all “think different” as Steve Jobs.

It just that we “flash” more than “think”.

All the once introverted people are showing up for the virtual party on Face.

First, here is my cat.

Then, my chateau.

But people refuse to show the most intimate partner, for fear that in the future, he/she will turn to be his/her x-partner.

That wouldn’t be cool on one’s Social Graph.

Not to mention that your grandchildren might take a peek at your past.

Yet, I still enjoy clicking on a new piece of music by my new friend, Dat, the pianist.

He is a blind musician, yet still posts his composition online every so often.

Now, that’s the kind of Facebook’s flash I applaud.

Go Dat, go Dat.

Thanks for the audio feast on Face.




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