Love in the Time of Ebola

If there were a Dislike button, it would be for Ebola. Give me some Dislikes.

Another Doctor Sans Frontieres has just died, setting back the fight a bit.

People shun you, run away from you and “Like” you not if you got Ebola.

There is no love in and around Western Africa these days, certainly not for the victims.

As to Western Europe and Western US? There hasn’t been love in quite a while.

Our Bi-Centennial Man committed suicide a few days ago. Un-plug me!

Love and laughter, life and lust.

All gone! When you don’t feel connected, you just drift. A social form of suicide.

The allure of success and recognition is not strong enough to sustain R Williams.

Emptiness! How one feels is terribly important. Societies and scientists have studied and discussed about free will. How desperate we need to believe this to keep up social order.

Yes. There was free will in Robin Williams case. Or was there?

Gooooooood Bye Vietnam!

From childhood loneliness to robotic loneliness, a hundred years of solitude.

Tie me up and tie me down. Under a tree and under the sun.

Abandon me not, especially in the time of Ebola.

It’s just an overt excuse. In West Africa or in Western Europe.

No cure for the disease and no cure for the response.

More doctors and more patients will have died by the time we found the vaccine.

But then, will there be love in the time of post-Ebola?

Hundred years of pain. The suffering and superficiality have gone on long enough.

Ebola and Ebony. Cholera and L’Oreal. We move on, smiling for the selfies. And like Narcissus, we press our own Like button, before anyone else gets a chance.

Love in the time of Ebola. Love in the time of virtuality. Still better than its absence .


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