Wake me up (when September ends)

Eyes glued to the set. All eyes!

How can this be!

Smoke gets in your eyes.

Falling men.

Rushing in and about.

End of the world (why does the sun go on shinning…..amidst all the smoke).

Did we bring it on ourselves? Why was there so much hatred?

What were the causes? US “occupation” as perceived by Bin Laden?

Why punished the innocent for strategic calculation? (not successful there on the fields of Pennsylvania).

3 out of 4 planes, still drilled a big hole (knocking down New York’s two front teeth – to quote Tom Wolfe).

I wanted to withdraw. To sleep and sing “wake me up when September ends”.

On Ground Zero, a new building has been erected. Dust swept clean. Scrap steel refined to build ships.

Defiant, undefeated. Simon (without Garfunkel) performed there at the dedication of Ground Zero. Sound of silence. Sound of suffering and suffocation. No time to weep, no time to cry, no time for comment (facebook wasn’t around back then).

13 years of disbelief. Of living down that fateful day. Heads rolled. Drones deployed. Throats slit in reply.

Tit for tat. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. We have reconstructed both our inner (financial) and outer infrastructure (building). Now, we need to reexamine what, on our parts, have brought it on and contributed to the never-ending cycle of violence.

Wake me up when September ends. From 9/11 to 9/30, I count 19 days, of sleeping and pain-avoidance. Those 19 days have turned to be 13 years, and counting.


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