A different schedule

For my Aimy, who is a recent college grad, September won’t ever be the same: she is not back to school as in years previous.

She is entering the world of work. That world is very different from the time I entered it.

She is expected to try her hands at multiple jobs, by sheer default.

Aimy got a media degree, has finished her stint of hip-hop (her team got the US championship title).

She should be able to handle whatever life throws at her.

She grew up watching LA speed chase, LA riot, LA earthquake.

At the time, she couldn’t comprehend the enormity and magnitude of 9/11.

I hope she does now.

She grows smarter by the day, just by watching me try my hand at various things and failed.

Your mistakes, my lessons – she said.

After all, I wouldn’t like to have a Dad who sits around and tries nothing.

That which doesn’t kill you makes you strong.

Sounds good.

We all know the elephant is in the room.

Some of us tries to feel it. Others make comments, or “Like” it.

But it’s there and won’t go away.

By “elephant”, I mean changes.

Take Bob Dylan for instance (or Jane Fonda for that matter).

the times, they are a’changin, he espoused.

Time waits for no one, including the one who announces it.

It just moves on, by nature.

My mistakes, Aimy’s lessons.

My world, Aimy’s heritage.

What do I have to leave behind for her?

That the job picture still hasn’t improved?

That those books I wished she would read will soon find themselves in Good Will stores?

Besides the obvious DNA’s, I wish to leave Aimy with a sense of stewardship. Aimy likes the beach.

I wish for her cleaner beaches. Aimy likes hip-hop. I hope for the US to continue its lead in creativity and innovation.

Free your mind from all constraints. The only way to come up with something new, unburdened by the past.

Time waits for no one. Worry not what others thought of you or your invention. All pioneers got ridiculed. Until it works.

“Mr Watson, come here”. then the trans-Atlantic cable. Then the I-watch. Yes, I have tried and failed, but never failed to try.

My legacy for Aimy. My modus operandi. Born to try. After all, the times they are a changin.

Even for those who sing about it. Even for Bob Dylan. My contemporaries, who stopped trying, don’t look like me. They look much older.

Their choices. I’ll never forget my first time at eye-brow waxing. It was fun. Daddy-daughter bonding.

You should try something silly with your kids sometimes. They have  a thing or two to teach you. At the very least, it gets you out of your shells.

We, creatures of comfort, tend to follow the path of least resistance. With an Alibaba-led world of work, change is our only constant.

Good luck Aimy as you find yourself in uncharted waters, with a different schedule, and a new identity. That of a wage-earning worker.


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