Screw It, Let’s Do It Again

Virgin Galactic. Undeterred.

screw it!

After all, without the likes of Branson, Kingsford Smith, Lindbergh and Earhart, where would we be today!

2014 marks two major setbacks: Malaysian Air flight and Virgin Galactic flight.

Technology wants sacrifice first, mass utility second.

Soon, we will surf the net while our unmanned cars do the driving (we are doing this now on metro line).

I haven’t produced a hand-written letter in quite a long time (using just a laptop keyboard).

Even this morning, when I had to pry open a massive grapefruit, it came so unnaturally (without the juicer).

For billion of years, we have learned and unlearned various skills to adapt to technology of the time.

No risk no reward (the Wright Brothers at the turn of last century sure had a broken rib or two).

We have re-adjusted our expectations of happiness and comfort.

Now is the time to learn how to live longer: pick up a hobby, choose a place to begin our dying process etc…

An alarming statistic shows young people (up to 60% in developed countries) with depression.

At the age of risk taking, of discovering the world, they instead, withdraw to themselves (only to blow the lid via school shooting).

You may say, we don’t know how to handle peace time, at least, in the United States.

Prosperity was somehow coupled with global conflicts. When there is no war, we feel  as if prosperity were not there.

So, as far as (false) logic goes, waging wars would “mobilize” resources, chiefly among which, CASH.

Correlation was taken for causation.

Back to technology and what it wants.

Kevin Kelly seems to think that technology (technium) evolves just as biology.

It wants to give us more choices (from space traveling to channel surfing).

We have seen unintended consequences in China with a 12-day traffic gridlock, or Foxconn dorm-jumping.

Mr Kelly cited Unabomber (individual) and Amish (community)  for being Luddite.

Samsung has recently realized it can no longer stay in the race along Apple.

So Amish or Apple, we have cast our votes.

Lighter, faster, cheaper, better looking and better feel.

What we made  has become us.

What technology wants, not what we want.

The work of our hands now takes precedence.

And one day, when we travel in space, looking back to not just the Mojave Desert, but Earth itself, we will then realize it’s a small price to pay for the view and viewpoint: living on Earth itself will have been a provincial act.


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