No Ordinary Day


Just Singles. Anti-Valentine. Lots of “Lonely People” in China.

Alibaba knows that. It wants to help reduce some of that anxiety and loosen some of those heavy purses.

Boom! $2 Billion in sales in an hour.

Anything, from toaster to Twitter ( smart phones).

Welcome to the new consumer society (used to be Savers Society).

Now, just jump until you drop (from the Foxconn balcony) or shop until you drop.

Almost all chose the latter.

To us, it’s just an ordinary Tuesday. But to the Rolling Stones, it’s Ruby Tuesday.

To the Delta Team, their day was Bin Laden take-down one.

To Alibaba, 11-11 is the equivalent of Black Friday.

The genius of marketing.

Big grin on the face of its CEO.

Singles Day

Money makes handsome people.

I don’t want to look at today as just an ordinary day.

Like Rob Reiner’s mom in “Sleepless in Seattle”, “I want some of that”.

If confidence can be contagious from merely looking at the screen, I am now catching it.

Singleness used to be socially awkward in some sectors of society, and certainly in China.

Now, all this is upending. (Andrew Lam even explored on one of his pieces, on sexual body in China.)

BTW. Do read Tazaki Tsukuru, latest installment by Haruki Murukami to understand the nuances of Asian male singleness.

In short, learn to spot the opportunity in the ordinary. For me, this day is not over just yet. I still have tonight to discover the extra-ordinary in everyday life.




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