Long Tail 2

Let’s change it around, form a nation of Takers to a nation of Makers.

I know Black Friday is around the corner. And that we brace ourselves once again to “take” those loss-leaders at dawn, in the dark.

But per Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail and Makers, all that is about to change.

With 3-D Printer and Laser Cutter, and Computer Numeric code (CNC), we can soon learn to Do It Ourselves.

With China still number one provider of manufacturing capacity, the US can foster a new movement of design and prototype-making.

Then, with Kickstarter and Quirky (not to mention Etsy), the financing closes the loop.


No more excuses (They took all our jobs….They made it so cheap…)

France and Switzerland still churn out high-price products should raise the critical question: haute couture and high culture, do they solely belong in those castles?

or can it be conceived or copied from a garage in Montana?

May I propose a modest plan:

– re-examine the nation’s comparative advantage i.e. knowledge economy, creativity and innovation spirits

– force rank those to pick low hanging fruits

– crowd-source and crowd-fund those top candidates

– campaign to support “buy America-made products”

– make that an envy of the world, en par with French wine and Swiss bank

– assert thought leadership and act like a new sheriff in town when it comes to climate and human right violation (enemies, foreign or domestic)

With privilege comes responsibility.

For so long, America – with the exception of the Amish – has sleepwalked through modern manufacturing history: hungry? frozen meals. Bored? download pirated movies.

We don’t make things. We take them.

We even pepper-spray those who are in our way (as in Long Island Wal-Mart Black Friday incident and others).

Let’s turn all that around, starting with this new slogan: We Are, Makers (not Takers). It should deter a bunch of folks who are in immigration line, thinking they are entitled soon to be counted among the ranks and files of takers unlimited. In the beginning, God – Creator and Carpenter – made the Heaven and the Earth. We have a good role model for a nation of mini-creators, who rise out of IKEA self-assembled furniture to something bigger and more useful, like drone surveillance, traffic intelligence/re-routing, and space travel. Or else, just sit in traffic and go over the Christmas gift list in your mind to see what you can “take” from Wal-Mart this year, if you can get up early enough.


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