Different ball of wax

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make the list of Most Influential People? In the span of time, no single accomplishment will make the difference, but for the tapestry (your reputation).

The Atlantic 100 list shows a lot of “colored” folks e.g. Du Bois etc… since American History  cannot get away from its color line.

40 years ago, we got Ambassador Martin in Saigon who was adamant about not ending the war out of style. Now we got a newly appointed US Ambassador to Hanoi (just a bit North) who is openly gay.

Whole different ball of wax.

Like his 4-decade-old predecessor, this new Ambassador will preside over an era of change (very much like his boss, Jim Kerry, who once testified in front of Congress in green fatigue as an anti-war Vet).

40 years gave us a Garden Grove mayor (Bao Nguyen) and Andrew Lam (son of a General) who is also openly gay.

Whole different ball of wax.

And to top it all, we begin to run out of “bad guys” to pick on i.e. Happy Valley documentary, Last Days of Vietnam documentary. So we begin to toot their horns e.g. Jerry Garcia (upcoming documentary).

Don’t let appearance deceive you:  from Bernard to Bernie while the good guys might look like they have just walked out of a thrift shop fitting room.

microsoft 78

All those hours spent coding and sleeping on the floor, now translated into a lot of donation to fight Ebola.

You’ll never know what the future might hold.

Whole different ball of wax.

To sum it up. The sun will also rise. We are just specters of the Universe. Follow your hearts and your instincts. We are all passing the time, some into greatness, while others, oblivion.

It’s hard to make the Most Influential List. Not by a long shot. But the least you can do is to say off the Most Shunned List. In Happy Valley, or Temple University these days, people are debating whether figures like Bill Cosby are doing more harms than good.

Whole different ball of wax.


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