Under that tree

Counting down. What’s in that gift box for me.

We are left with the proverbial can that has been kicked down the road once too many times.

That tree of life. It’s up  us  to leave good gifts behind.

The new Pope brokered a deal which made Havana jump. That’s a gift.

What do they do to celebrate down there? Open a cigar box.

It’s way late, but I just finally watched “12-years of Slave”. Now, that chapter I hope is behind us.

Give our children a kind of world worth living in.

Can’t tell them to carry those heavy text books, when all in them are a bunch of unworthy content.

Conjugate and contribute. Are we?

Christmas brings out the best in us. It should. Then the year-end inventory e.g. best of 2014 book list, New Yar resolution and Happiness Project.

People are doing sit-in, teach-in, even “die-in” at the Mall of America.

When do we adults miss an occasion to learn, to better ourselves.

Learning, for grown-ups, takes a different form and takes place in a different setting: TED talks or tea time?

I wish I found kindness under that tree.

The kind of kindness I wish for my children when they become independent, serving Starbucks coffee or what not. When she “pours her heart into it”, I hope customers would respond in kind by leaving a good tip, not just because it’s Christmas.

I wish I found hope under that tree. The kind of hope which does not need anyone’s permission. Not the IRS, nor the ISIS. St Paul once said that hope never failed. It’s your last match in the dark. Hope it sparks a fire because that’s all it takes.

I wish I found love under that tree. And because it (the tree) is there, I want to offer myself , the whole of it, wrapped and ready. Be the very gift you wish to find under that tree.


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