56 minutes into the game, the Seahawks had a turnaround that sent them on to the Super Bowl.

Have faith.

Stay away from the Approval Rating screen.

Public opinion sways. It does so often.

Hail to the King, one day. Down with the thief, next day.

From Rome to Reich, powers change hand. Man of the mass then himself becomes a mess.

American Sniper is doing well. Clint Eastwood got a Midas touch. It’s his Dirty Harry’s “Go ahead, make my day” comeback.

Sniper against sniper. It’s personal. One-shot, one-on-one.

How can we not make it personal, when it’s our limbs and legs!

Like alchemists, people in power mix the elements for new combinations: yesterday’s Swiss francs down, oil down, popularity up. The French demonstrated then got counter-demonstrated in Russia-friendly Chechnya.

The Yin and Yan.

When down, stay not down. Just stay humble. When up, stay humble. Not for approval rating but for longevity.

The world loves a good narrative: hero got shot down, hero recovered and made a comeback. Hero cheered and not jeered. The real-life American sniper got a State-wide salute. Their Vietnam counterparts got insulted and injured.

Jane Fonda said last week ” I made a huge, huge mistake” (for coming across as against the troop). In retrospect.

From Rome to Reich, we should have known. Everything comes in full circle (except for our time line). Smart fans wait til minute 56 knowing it’s not over until it’s truly over. Abandon not your coveted front-row seats. Life rewards those who are patient.


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