Pressing matters

On an average day, multiple texts, tweets and talks compete for our top attention. Recently, to make matters more pressing, militant organizations slit throats and burned their captives alive.

The (throat) slit that’s seen around the world! Not that killing is new. It’s killing in broad day light and broadcasted.

Dead bodies speak. The medium is the message (of supremacy and superiority).

While we may view these acts as barbaric and medieval, they achieved their political aims: striking fear and gaining attention (Prime Minister of Japan loosened his country’s purse and pitched in).

Hollywood would certainly take notice: the costume (orange clothes and black hood), the prop ( sharp knife) and the set (plain back drop). I suspect there will be as many viewers of the Japanese hostage-execution as the Super Bowl’s.

Patriots and Seahawks will fade out but the fight against terrorism remains. It side tracks us and strikes fear (consumers saving at the gas pumps hasn’t translated into December strong spending).

Meanwhile, the Fed keeps interest rates at zero still. It too sends out a signal: the patient hasn’t yet out of the woods. The US alone cannot carry ROW’s burden, nor can it retaliate by going backward (American sniper isn’t trained for low-tech combat).

Video to demand trumps video on demand. Our world keeps moving forward while looking backward, distracting us and nudging us forward at the same time. Too deep in the woods to backtrack. Gotta find 21-century solutions for 21-century problems. By the way, it’s been 15 years since Y2K, in case you haven’t noticed. Matters are more pressing now than then.


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