Important matters

Pressing matters demand our top attention. But important matters cannot be set aside either: eat right, think right and do the right thing. These matters constitute our cores, with silent cry for outlets.

On an average day, we react to pressing matters while our inner core longs for connections and commitment, things with staying power.

When the dust settles, we will find out which is more important: grey hair or a gripping tale from the past.

The world of commerce and cultures collide each day, with new ranking and rating (30 under 30 as found in Forbes).

Then before you know, Valentine’s is coming. What do you have for me this year? (and the boss asks, “what have you done for me lately”).

People like Joe Paterno (of Penn State) and Brian Williams (of NBC) got suspended, for ignoring the obvious. Call it a hand slap. Important matters remain important regardless. Only when it’s “too big to fail” that we cannot afford the important over the urgent. When the dust (recession) settles, we then revisit our core values. Rule 1: survive. Rule 2: please revert to rule 1. Courtesy of Warren Buffet (on never to lose money, his own or investors’). Money is definitely an urgent matter, since it works well toward observing the all important Rule 1.


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