Consolation prizes

Years later, how would we be remembered? If there is any consolation for us, and there soon will be 9 billion of us, our friends will speak good and not ill of us. One enduring quality that stood the test of time: congeniality.


First impressions aside. Character witness stood. We pick that someone out of the crowd, for that quality: easy to relate to. More Main Street than Wall Street. Someone to share a train ride with. Talking about life in general, kids in particular. Work is a very important aspect of life. But it is not life (ask all those college students and retirees).

In case you haven’t noticed. More detective roles in the movies are now assigned to a female protagonist Brain, brawn and beauty, a locked in combination. Julianne Moore has just won an Oscar (playing a forgetful woman… perhaps in trying to forget, she is remembered).

When we meet up with old-time families and friends, say, over the holidays, we look in a mirror and.see ourselves travel in time. Yes, Speed landed Sandra onto the world stage. But some day far into the future, perhaps, Miss Congeniality will still grace us, not so much with her beauty, but with her empathy. How can you stop opening up your life when those pair of eyes look at you in a way that says ” I am all ears”. Yes, there will be 9 billion ways to please, since every customer is a King/Queen. Makes those of us in the service sector humble and restless in search for the ideal formula to please. Thankfully, we have some templates to work on, among them, our Miss Congeniality. That prize is not and should not be looked at as consolation prize, not in the long-term.


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