And the waters parted

This generation might learn about Moses, as portrayed by Christian Slater. But previous one, Charlton Heston. “Let my people go”, or else. The blood of the Lamb at the door post (later on, the same Jewish race got hunted down by the Nazis as if history got no other script). It’s Easter. And America 2050 is projected as grayer, more Hispanic and less Christian. As far as cultural history goes, that which made us great will endure in flying colors i.e. equality and justice for ALL. This “ALL” is ever increased due to immigration and organic growth. President Carter was instrumental in Immigration Reform back in his days. (with not much Republican opposition in Post-Watergate Era). Back then, the nation was in a crisis mode. A crisis of confidence. So our President sat in front of a fire-place, looking like Mr Rogers, to save on electricity. Now we got water ration in California. People don’t believe until it’s in their faces. Irrational exuberance. Keep spending (on SUV’s). Keep charging. Let tomorrow worry for itself. The poor will always be with us. Eat, drink and be merry. The same script (Bible) got ripped apart. Those who want to see miracles will see them. Those who want to see ghosts notice them on every tree. But only those who step foot into the cold stream will experience “water parting” miracle. Director Ridley Scott treats this scene skillfully: he uses the sword (which gets thrown and landed at the bottom of the river) as water marker ( before and after miracle). Let my people go, or else. With absolute power comes absolute corruption. Those who are in  power should have learned those lessons long time ago. Or else. This past month, Singapore mourned the passing of its founder-leader. Some resented his heavy-handedness. Others envied. Meanwhile, America (and Europe) get grayer and less Christian. Still it’s Easter. Let’s hope for miracle, and while at it, more waters in California.


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