Opportunities and Options

H for Hillary, or R for Rubio? Huff Post on the go! Twitter and mobile, always on the run. I experienced being “on the run” almost 40 years to date. Ironically, McCartney’s Band On The Run was blasting out from my neighbor’s bunk on Wake Island, in the middle of the Pacific. I was half-way to America, after the footsteps of the Italian and Irish, Polish and Puritan, with student loan awaiting me. I guess it’s the best investment I could ever have: my time and the US government money. It has been a good return for Senator Rubio whose $100,000 in student loan was paid off a few years back (per wikipedia).

Education does open doors , more so than immigration.

For international students, a Harvard degree is the most coveted trophy to bring home where many options awaiting.

Returning (international) students got first-world education while working in first-world wannabe countries. Some found their re-entry a bit frustrating. Others enjoyed it despite the many issues that might raise Amnesty International or Wildlife Fund flags (I wonder sometimes how much money have gone into preserving rare species, as opposed to protecting common people).

These Fulbright talent are coming back in drove, to found companies and formulas for success. I hope similar trends happen for Cuban young who, not by faults of their own, have stuck in a time warp. They will find their ways to Little Havana in Miami, same way our young to Little Saigon in Westminster, an All-American bedroom community. Out of those schools come scientists, dentists, artists and publicists. Most had to borrow from student loan, like myself (and I paid it off), to buy some time.

Burden not your young with fiscal missteps. Instead, plant in them the seeds of greatness, from Lincoln on down ( to our next President). Ask not what they can do for you. They will figure it out all by themselves. BTW, I finally got to Penn State. By then, Band On The Run was not played down the hall. It’s Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run”. A lot of “running” back then, all started with Peter Fonda who was “Born To Be Wild”. I guessed I had missed that era on this side of the war. Back then, we saw a lot of V signs, not H as now.


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