Killing me Swiftly

Apple relented.

The company was once at the brink of destruction before bringing Jobs back as its 1-dollar CEO (just 1 cent more than a song).

So Swift has spoken.

At 25, she is definitely a digital artist i.e. savvy, sustainable and strong (knowing what she wants at age 11).

Wants to code, go Silicon.

Wants to act, go Hollywood.

Wants to sing, go Nashville.

Actors used to be homeless e.g.  from Jim (Carrey) to Jewel.

Barriers to entry used to be high. Have always. Until now. So small like an Apple watch.

According to Swift, “art is rare. Rare things are expensive and should be paid for”.

In other words, scarcity.

We are so used to the Silicon model i.e. free to sell upgrade later, that we confuse between offering and bait.

We are becoming a nation of “loss leaders” (the term used to apply to merchandise, now expanded to human) just to bank on “long tail”. Attrition in war bleeds to attrition in business. Airbnb got another round of funding, only to be warned “don’t lose the culture” (of being hungry and foolish).

So we are back to Jobs, to Apple and struggling artists. Be hungry and humble.

Speak up when the nation is turning into the 1099 economy. It’s good to have a week of news dominated by Nashville instead of Charleston, by a 25-year old than a 21-year old. Roof can learn from our Pennsylvania girl in the art of “killing me Swiftly”.


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