about Thang Nguyen 555

Tech and Multi-cultural Marketing. More on Thang can be found on LinkedIn.



One thought on “about Thang Nguyen 555

  1. Thang,

    A brilliant poem you wrote. Such a colorful and true expression of a life of an entrepreneur. That is what is life about.
    There is no such thing as stability or equilibrium in this life. Only the dead is the one has no problems.

    It may appear on the surface, but it is not in the inside the mind of the person. For instance, even though a person has a stable job, a lot of money and a happy family (or appear that way) that person still is subject to a lot of chaos and turbulence in his or her life. That is why rich, successful people, celebrities, royal family who have every things a common man wish, their life is chaotic, much more than an average person.

    Either you go up or down, but you never remain the same. Why? this is the law of mother’s nature, in physics, it’s called the second law of thermodynamics.

    Whatever life treats you, enjoy it to the fullest.

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